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Types of buyer persona in marketing

There are different types of buyer person because the buyer person may not always be the person who makes the decision to buy the service or product. These are the 3 types that there are:

  1. Decider . This is the most common type of buyer persona, especially in B2C businesses. It is about the person who makes the final purchase decision.
  2. Prescriber . The type of buyer person prescriber is the person who recommends the product or service to the final buyer. This can be very clear with the example of a doctor recommending which medicine to take, but the end buyer is the patient.
  3. Influencer . This type is about the people who can condition the opinion of the final buyers, influence whether the product or service is perceived as good or something negative. Knowing this, that is, your right influencers for your company is essential to know who to contact to get a collaboration.

Buyer persona creation process

Discover how is the process of creating the archetype of an ideal client, with these simple steps you can define it in a simple way.

  • Gather the necessary information .

The first step in the creation process is to collect the necessary data. It consists of finding the solution to the questions you need to solve. You can do it with the information from your existing database, take surveys or questionnaires, ask your sales team for information of interest, research social networks or Google trends.

  • Data processing and organization .

By having the necessary information, you must group it in detail and define the most recurring data, its objectives, concerns, demographics, lifestyle. This will help you to have a well-defined information to help you define it well and design the marketing strategy of your company.

In addition, it is important to have a good organization of the data to visualize everything clearly.

  • Transform the information into a complete profile of your ideal client .

It’s time to name it, give it a picture, fill in your demographics, your goals, the challenges you face, how you can help, and the marketing message you need. By creating a profile with all the information, you will have created your buyer persona.

Why is it so important

Some surveys confirm that defining the buyer persona helps increase the duration of the visit on the website, the income generated by marketing and a higher email open rate. In fact, 93% of companies that exceeded or reached their annual revenue milestones segmented their audience database with a buyer persona.

Defining this archetype of the ideal customer helps to ensure that all the actions involved are adapted to the needs and motivations of your target audience, from the acquisition, the purchase process and even the service. These are some of the reasons why it is so important to define the buyer persona for your business:

  • They allow you to generate the right content

Any content marketing strategy must be based on the personality of your buyers. This requires you to know what kind of content they like to consume, for how long, where they find it, what they share, and how often.

It allows you to attract the attention of the target audience with the content, attract quality traffic that is interested in your product or service and generate persuasive sales texts.

  • You know where to find your target audience

By having your buyer persona model, you have the necessary information to know how they interact, such as which social networks they use or where they prefer to consume the content.

This can help you focus on generating content only on the social networks you use and in the appropriate format, such as a blog or podcast. It allows you to design an effective marketing strategy and know what actions you must take to achieve the objectives.

  • Facilitates internal company communication to have a consistent brand message .

Building a buyer persona helps the internal processes of the company, it will even facilitate collaboration between different areas. Each individual on the marketing or sales team must know the ideal client archetype, from writers, videographers, directors or community manager .