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Don't Miss the 2014 WFA Annual Meeting/h1> August 1-3,2014
The Willard Family Association of America Board Meeting will be held ln
Athol, Mass. on 10 AM April 11 at
146 Fredette Street in Athol, MA If you have an item you wish discussed contact a board member

WFA is now on Facebook

Here is a link to the Pictures from our WFA Meetings.
Do you have pictures you would be willing to share? If so please send them to the webmaster.
(They should be in jpg format.)

Some of you have blocked the WFA site preventing us from responding to your queries!
(We have been the target of a spoofing attack in which a large amount of spam has had its source modified to appear to have a WFA officer as the author and the WFA domain as the apparent origin.)
If you have not heard from us, please unblock our domain and resend your requests/emails. --- WFA webmaster

The older WFA newsletters are being removed from the webserver and archived as we have reached our size limit. Contact the webmaster if you want to access a particular issue.

Some of the links to personal websites are no longer valid. If you have moved your website, please let the WFA webmaster know your new URL so he can correct the link page.

Our test delivering the WFA Newsletter by email has been a success.
If you would prefer receiving your copy by email instead of by postal service,
please send me your request and email address --- WFA webmaster Email

At the annual meeting a member asked if we could have a discussion forum on the website. Yes, our local access provider can give us that function. Access and participation would be limited to WFA members who specifically ask to be enrolled on the list. Please let me know if you would like for us to proceed activating a list. Send your wishes by email to the webmaster at Email .



This website is to help you find information about the Willard Family Association and its activities. It has a newsletter, reunions at sites of Willard family interest. And we hope it may spark an interest in finding your ancestral roots.

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The WFA Organization

Membership Application Forms

All Willard descendants are welcome to join regardless of how they spell the name. And this includes those who lost the Willard surname because their Willard ancestor was a woman who passed her husband's surname instead to her children.

Special Events & Annoucements

Alexander H Willard Park,
Dedicated July 15, 2006

Phinehas Willard Farm at Fruitlands

Happenings at Willard House & Clock Museum

Willard Y-DNA Project

WFA Meetings & Reunions

Does anyone have information about meetings not listed above and meetings prior to 1963? If so, please contact the webmaster.

WFA Newsletters

The WFA Newsletter is published twice each year.

Personal sites

If you have a home page you would like to have listed here, contact the WFA webmaster with the details.

St Margaret's Church, Horsmonden, Kent

Other Genealogical Resources

If you know of a genealogy page we should have listed here, contact the WFA webmaster with the details.

Willard Genealogical Research Resources

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